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The most critical issue facing the church today is how to make disciples who then also make disciples.

Why is this important? Because ministry to men matters. This challenge matters as we observe that many men stop spiritually growing in their fifth or sixth year of the Christian life. This is not a recipe for developing Spirit-empowered men who can be leaders in their homes, churches, and communities...

In ministering to men, discipleship is the multi-faceted process of transformation in a man’s life, where he becomes more and more like Jesus. This lifelong journey is one every man can walk with courage, strength, and endurance.

360Disciple is focused on assisting men to a place of spiritual maturity where they can utilize their gifts and talents and become the man of God they want to be. Through 360Disciple, the National Men’s Ministries has made available more than 300 study resources for men at all spiritual maturity levels. These FREE RESOURCES are available for download on this site or the Men’s Ministries app.

If you would like more information on developing a specially tailored discipleship pathway for the men in your church (or district/network) please watch the video on this page and contact me or our office. Ministry to men matters because men are key to winning families and communities for Christ.


Rick Allen 
Rick Allen

National Men’s Ministries Director

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