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Inspiring Women, Girls In Europe to Follow Jesus

by Dan Kersten on February 26, 2024

Melinda Henderson directs an evangelism outreach to women in Europe called The INSPIRE Project.

To read about their passion and strategies for sharing the gospel with women and girls all over Europe, click here. Light for the Lost is investing $50,000 into INSPIRE because we can see God’s anointing on their ministry. Melinda recently shared this testimony and “thank you” note with us.

To contribute to our investment in The INSPIRE Project, click here.


Dear Light for the Lost,

I don’t seem to have adequate words to express how grateful we are for your partnership. We just completed two more INSPIRE outreach events in Wales and Iceland. Women and girls—both churched and unchurched—showed up and we packed out the rooms! We gave out 19 Bibles provided by LFTL to those who had never owned one!

In Wales a girl named Isla, 11, was the youngest to receive her first Bible. She was so happy she showed her Bible to everyone. The next day she told me how late she had stayed up and how many chapters that she had read! Hallelujah.

In Iceland we held the outreach at a hotel. One of the hotel workers, Dominika (from Poland) was very interested in our services. She would often come stand in the room just to listen. At first, she said, “I feel good vibes here.” But after the second day, Dominika could not wait any longer. She walked in and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Here is a picture of her observing in the back. The other picture shows her with two of our team members holding her first Bible from LFTL.

This is why we go! This is why we give! This is why we shine His light! For the Islas and the Dominikas! Thank you Light for the Lost for providing funds for the Bibles so these women and girls can grow in their faith as new followers of Jesus Christ.

For every girl to know Him,

Melinda Henderson

Dan Kersten

Dan Kersten is Director of Communications for the National Light for the Lost and Men's Ministry. Email Dan at [email protected], or call 417.862.1447 ext. 4174.