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Another Historic Year for LFTL

by Rick Allen on February 26, 2024

Vision and mission unchanged.

God gave Sam Cochran the vision and mission of Light for the Lost at the altar of his church in 1953. Since then, we have stayed firmly within that vision and mission to help missionaries spread the gospel worldwide.

We will continue to do so because the Lord has not told us to change anything. The methods, tools, languages, and people may change; but the vision and mission are unchanged!

Light for the Lost still has a powerful work to do in the world, and we feel that our commitment to the original mandate for evangelism is why God continues to stir people’s hearts to support this ministry.

2023 another historic year.

Last year, we ended 2023 with the “We Still Believe” campaign to raise $5 million in the final four months of the year. We praise God that just under $4.7million came in during that campaign, which brought the year 2023 total to $9,410,174.

This is another historic increase for LFTL! Thank you so much for giving generously and praying steadfastly for LFTL. Without your support, we could not do what we do. His mission is OUR mission.

This year we will continue to update you on missionary needs, success stories, and opportunities where you can help. Click here to read a great story sent to us from Europe about a woman named Dominika, who lives in Iceland. Her story is just one of many examples of lives forever changed by LFTL funded resources in the hands of our missionaries. I look forward to sharing more stories like Dominika’s throughout the year.

In the meantime, celebrate with us what God has done! Many millions heard about and experienced Jesus this year through LFTL. God is not done with this mission. There is still much to do. Now, let’s get to work.

Rick Allen

Rick Allen serves the U.S. Assemblies of God as the National Light for the Lost director, and Men's Ministries director. Contact rick at [email protected] or 417.370.6280.