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Three Reasons Why 360Man Podcast Benefits Men Most

by National Men's Ministries on March 25, 2024

Podcasts are everywhere. It seems every person or organization has something to say, and podcast are an easy medium to use. We are bombarded daily with urgings and invitations to listen and watch: You need to listen! You have to watch! Don’t miss out on this! Why should you listen to or watch the 360Man Podcast? Here are three reasons:

ONE, this podcast focuses on spiritual and practical issues important to you and your family—not messages important to the host and speakers.

TWO, men need and appreciate tips and helpful suggestions—especially on spiritual matters. That’s exactly what the 360Man Podcast offers each month.

THREE, the Holy Spirit will speak to you about your life, your family, and your purpose through this podcast. You will be glad you listened to His voice!

Click here to check out every episode. Other topics covered include...



Dealing with change

Sharing your testimony

Mental Health

Marriage improvement

Being missional in your life


Having multicultural relationships

How to navigate loss and grief, and much more.


360Man Podcast host, Dr. Nathan Rouse, speaks to a different guest each month. Nathan really dives deeply into scriptural truths through these conversations. Yes, podcasts are everywhere because everyone has something to say. But this podcast for men really is important and useful. Thank you for listening!


Not a 360Man yet? Join the movement of men dedicated to living for Christ AND investing in helping other men know Him, too.


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