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Sharing the Truth About Jesus With 1.8 Billion Souls

by Rick Allen on March 25, 2024

Around 610 AD a man emerged from a cave in the Arabian desert after a long search for spiritual truth.

He claimed to have received revelations about god from an angelic being. Upon returning home he began preaching those revelations and winning followers. His goal was to convert all the pagans of Arabia to serving god in the correct way.

By the time this man died, he had spread his message to dozens of nations, conquering many of them, and had millions of fanatical followers. This man’s name was Mohammad, and today he is revered by nearly 1.8 billion people in 200 nations as the prophet of Islam.


Just one man with a truth claim, and the passion to reach those who haven’t heard it! Look what he did. Sadly, Mohammad’s message does not point to Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life!

Light for the Lost is passionate and determined to help our missionaries reach Muslims for Christ worldwide. We are encouraged and we praise God to know that Muslims everywhere are asking questions about Jesus Christ, and many are deciding to serve Him as a result of our efforts together. In fact, we can firmly stand on the declaration that more Muslims are coming to faith in Jesus at this time than in any other time in history.

We want to give you opportunity to help LFTL provide  missionaries with evangelism resources for use in Muslim ministry contexts. Click here to give an offering towards that end. Make sure to type "Muslim ministry" in the Comments box. Thank you so much for helping LFTL share the truth about Jesus Christ with 1.8 billion Muslims

Rick Allen

Rick Allen serves the U.S. Assemblies of God as the National Light for the Lost director, and Men's Ministries director. Contact rick at [email protected] or 417.370.6280.