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Islam: Our Modern Day Nineveh

by Dan Kersten on March 25, 2024

“Should I not also have compassion on Nineveh, the great city in which there are more than 120,000 people, who do not know the difference between their right hand and their left…” Jonah 4:11 (NASB)



During the war, a young Muslim man believed Allah was calling him to fight jihad (holy war) against America. He believed death in battle guaranteed him a place in paradise with
Allah. During a savage battle, he encountered an American soldier and shot him in the chest.

That soldier was my brother.

It was terrifying for our family. Suddenly, the War on Terror became very real and personal. Thankfully, my brother recovered and is well today. But I remember back then hoping his would-be killer got what he deserved. I got my wish. I later learned the young insurgent died in the battle.

Today, that fact brings no satisfaction or closure. A young Muslim died without knowing Jesus and is forever separated from God. His spiritual “calling” led to his destruction.



I’ve met many Muslims with similar “callings” on their lives. They want to advance Islam and please Allah and they will go to great lengths to do so. But like the people of Nineveh, they don’t know their right hand from their left spiritually.

Jesus died for them, too, and Heaven is big enough for them. The Great Commission includes every Muslim. The final words of Jonah remind us that God’s deep concern is for all people, even the most "unreachable."

Global Islam is definitely an imposing spiritual stronghold. But its foundations are brittle, and Muslims are turning from it to follow Christ in historic numbers! Jesus is shaking the Muslim world, and we must be willing to go and give as He leads. My brother’s would-be killer was willing to give his life for a false “calling” and gospel.

What are we willing to give for the Truth?

I urge you to please help LFTL provide evangelism resources for dozens of missionaries working in Muslim contexts.

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Underground house-churches in 22 Arabic-speaking nations use scores of evangelism resources provided by LFTL. This secret congregation meets under a tree in the countryside. We must continue funding these efforts!








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LFTL funds helped bring the gospel to Edward Icaza (pictured left, in white shirt), the first Tao Sug Muslim to come to faith in Christ in Southern Philippines. “I urge you to ask the Holy Spirit for a baptism of love for Muslim peoples,” says missionary Michael Langford (left, in blue shirt).






Dauda Djeme was a Muslim in West Africa when an AG missionary used LFTL funded resources to win him to Christ and disciple him. Within 10 years, Dauda had planted a church and won 200+ other Muslims. Today, dozens of missionaries throughout Africa need LFTL funds for a wide variety of evangelism resources. Let’s help them!





Help Light for the Lost provide much-needed evangelism resources for missionaries working in a Muslim context. Click here to contribute! Type in "Muslim ministry" in the comments box on the giving page. Thank you!

Dan Kersten

Dan Kersten is Director of Communications for the National Light for the Lost and Men's Ministry. Email Dan at [email protected], or call 417.862.1447 ext. 4174.