Daily Devotional for Monday September 03, 2018


Psalms 44:21 – “Would not God find this out? For He knows the secrets of the heart.” (NASB)


“Just cover it up. No one will know.” While working on an older house, we came to the outside window trim. The wood had not been cared for in so long that it had begun to rot. It was so bad that it had to be replaced, but we were covering the wood trim with "coil stock" an aluminum material for trimming over outside trim. I wanted to replace the wood before we attached the trim coat, but the boss said, "Just cover over it. No one will know." He was wrong. I'll know and in a couple of years, the customer will know as the trim coil will fall off due to not having good wood to nail it too. Today's verse speaks of God not finding out, but that He will know because He knows the secrets of our heart! I had a choice, disobey my boss or just go along with him. I chose to confront him and say that I would not just cover it over. It needed to be fixed right. Eventually, he agreed. In life, we will have the choice to cover over the secrets of our heart or we can come clean. If we think no one will know, just think God already knows the secret of our heart. Let's be honest and come clean. It will be worth the extra work and will last for years to come!


TOM SEMBER has been involved in ministering to men for over 20 years. He is an ordained minister with the AG in the NY Ministry Network. Tom lives with his wife, Carolyn, and children in New York. You can connect with Tom on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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