Daily Devotional for Monday July 30, 2018


John 11:35 (ESV) “Jesus wept.”


Two words. The shortest verse in the Bible, yet powerfully packed with an important truth we need to remember. Look at the entire chapter for full context, though. Jesus was with Mary and Martha in the town of Bethany. Their brother, Lazarus, a dear friend of Jesus, had just died. As Jesus walked to the tomb with them, everyone cried. Jesus grieved alongside them, even knowing what He was about to do. A few minutes later Lazarus responded to Jesus’ call and came up out of the tomb alive and well! But why did Jesus weep on the way? Think of it this way. Daily, Jesus endured the painful experience of walking the earth and observing the pain and suffering evident everywhere. It must have hurt! But, ultimately His death and resurrection conquered the power of sin and the grave over us. If you’ve grieved lately, or still struggle with a loss, remember that Jesus grieves WITH you. It’s natural to grieve and lament. But even as Jesus grieves WITH you, He calls you out to new life in Him (just like He did Lazarus). So today leave behind the grief of the past and step out into a new life with Jesus. Next, help someone else do the same.



DAN KERSTEN is a missions journalist of 14 years, a licensed Assemblies of God minister, and serves as director of Development and Communications for Men’s Ministries and Light for the Lost with the U.S. AG. He has a deep passion for men’s discipleship and fulfilling the Great Commission. He lives in Springfield, MO, with his wife, Tara, and their son, Omar.

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