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As part of the Release strategy for Men’s Ministries, men are being mobilized to pray for the youth and children of America. The Men’s Prayer Force is a strategic prayer initiative facilitated by His Story Ministries.

Three Prayer Zones are identified that have tremendous influence over youth and children:

Elementary schools, middle schools, junior high schools and senior high schools.

Pray for:

  • Salvation of students
  • Effective ministry of campus missionaries
  • School administrators, teachers and staff
  • Safety of students at school
  • Christian clubs on the campus
  • Distribution of gospel literature

All those ministries that are touching the lives of the youth and children


  • That students will be loved and accepted in your church
  • That your church will always be full of spiritual life
  • That the adults in your church will be positive role models and mentors to students
  • For all the ministries in your church that have the potential to influence youth and children
  • For the leadership of your local church
  • That the men of your church will be a godly example

Prayer for those institutions such as the home, business and youth hangouts that have influence on the lives of youth and children.
  • Pray that God would bless each home with peace
  • Ask God to give parents wisdom in raising their children
  • Pray that parents would take a genuine interest in the spiritual welfare of their children
  • Consider doing a prayer walk in your neighborhood praying for each home that you pass


For ideas on how to pray strategically for the youth and children in your community, visit

His Story Ministries

Prayer Force is facilitated through His Story Ministries, which also provides copies of the Book of Hope for students to give to their unsaved friends. These books are provided for student missionaries because of contributions made to Light for the Lost.

You can become a part of providing these books my sending a donation to LFTL and designate your offerings for the Campus Missionaries Book of Hope packet.

His Story Ministries: | 888.845.4673

Reach, Teach & Release Strategy

This Men’s Ministries strategy gives local churches a look at the opportunities in starting and operating an active men’s ministry. Visit the MM strategy page for more information.