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This is an Agreement between the Assemblies of God National Men's Ministries ("MM") and "Licensee", the individual or entity who agrees and accepts the following terms and conditions of this Agreement by checking the "I accept" box below.

  1. Logo. "Logo" shall mean any one or more logos obtained in electronic form from the MM web site.

  2. Terms of use. Subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement, MM hereby grants to Licensee a nonexclusive right to use the Logo solely in conjunction with the promotion of Assemblies of God churches, districts, and ministries. The Licensee is not authorized to use the logos to produce materials that will be sold for profit unless

    1. it submits a request in writing to MM setting forth the details of the desired use of the Logo on unsolicited products, and

    2. MM authorizes such unsolicited use in writing.

  3. Limitations on use. The Licensee may not alter the appearance of the Logo. The Logo must stand by itself so as to avoid unintended associations with any other objects, including, without limitation, type, photographs, illustrations, borders, and edges.