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Life: Purpose

  • Pursuing the Dream

    For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of being a writer. Stories have always tumbled about in my head. Naturally, the first attempts were less than stellar. In fact, those first efforts were extremely bad (I was in middle school).

  • Chasing A Dream

    The sun shines down on the water as the waves gently rock the boat. Lines are prepared, hooks are baited, and optimism runs high for a great haul of fish. Some people dream of spending their days out on the water fishing, but for Chris Neau, professional bass angler, it’s a reality.

  • Failure - A One of a Kind Teacher

    Failure is one of God's primary tools in making you the kind of person-and leader-He wants you to be. He'll use failure to mold you, shape you, and develop your character. The truth is, we rarely learn anything from success.

  • Being Lazy for the Lord

    "Guess what my favorite sky spirit is? There are three: wind, water and sun. Guess which one is my favorite?” Oh boy.

  • Here Am I

    Many scholars believe that the most important statement of the nature of God comes in Exodus 3:14, “I AM THAT I AM.” 

  • Your Mission

    “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to impact people for God’s Kingdom.”

  • Answering the Two Most Important Questions in Life

    In my first two articles I talked about overcoming the “Cycle of Hopelessness” and the importance of an intimate relationship with God. Both of these messages are critical forerunners for what I will be addressing in this third and final article.

  • Being a Gift to Others

    As this Christmas season comes around, you will be giving gifts to those close to you and receiving gifts from them.A lot of thoughts goes into giving the best gifts to each person. You want to gice something that coms from the heart. This year, give of yourself!

  • Beliefs that Change You

    Change is the battle cry of the season. Politicians of all parties are calling for change and, at the same time, claiming they will bring that change to Washington. Whether they will or not, the promise of change resonates throughout the human spirit.

  • Books To Grow With

    Everywhere you turn, you are assaulted by various pieces of media. Bright colors catch your eye in the store. The jazzy tune with the car dealer ensures you will be humming to later. Posters of upcoming movies linethe walls of the mall. Even cabs, buses, and cars carry advertisements for who ever is willing to pay.

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