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  • Pursuing the Dream

    For as long as I can remember, I have dreamed of being a writer. Stories have always tumbled about in my head. Naturally, the first attempts were less than stellar. In fact, those first efforts were extremely bad (I was in middle school).

  • Changing an Angry Spirit

    From the moment we are born, we quickly develop attachments . . . to food and drink, parents, siblings, our natural environment, etc. As we mature, those attachments rapidly grow into a Byzantine web of roles, constraints, preferences and responsibilities.

  • Do You Know What Your Kids Are Watching?

    When I was a teenager, there was a commercial that said "It's ten o'clock, do you know where your children are?" The point of this commercial was to encourage parents to be involved in their kids' lives, know where they were, and have a curfew for them in order to ensure their safety and keep them out of danger. It was a good message for parents to hear.

  • Our True Selves

    One truth sticks in my mind when I consider my weaknesses: I know them better than anyone. Yet, I have blind spots. So do you. Blind spots are those things we do that have negative consequences that we never see coming.

  • Life Lessons from a Dog

    Over the weekend, I attended a picnic at a friend's house. It was a really nice day as we sat and talked and shared with him and his family. I couldn't help but notice their little dog running around the yard. It was a tiny little thing, a cute family dog.

  • Chasing A Dream

    The sun shines down on the water as the waves gently rock the boat. Lines are prepared, hooks are baited, and optimism runs high for a great haul of fish. Some people dream of spending their days out on the water fishing, but for Chris Neau, professional bass angler, it’s a reality.

  • Experiencing the “BIG E”

    Are you an emotional guy? That's right, I dared to say the "E" word in an article for men. For too long, men have believed the cultural lie that men don't cry, men don't express feelings or emotions and men don't talk. That is hogwash!

  • His Role and its Duties

    Husbands, Origen wrote, are to relate to their wives in the way that Jesus related to the church, while wives are to relate to their husbands as the church relates to Jesus. In the same vein, Origen instructed husbands to think and do the things of Christ while wives are to think and do those of the church.

  • Finding A Father Figure

    Churches are full of men asking themselves, "How can I be a godly man when I have no idea what it means?" To be a man who grew up with a godly male role-model is no longer the norm, it is the exception.

  • Look, But Don't Lust

    The issue isn't if we are attracted to other people, but how we can handle attraction appropriately when it does occur.