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Faith: Prayer

  • A Christmas Miracle

    You may not see it as a miracle. You could just call it His provision. His blessing. Others may not believe that the Lord even concerns Himself with such things.

  • Confession.

    On the first day of 2005, a man named Frank Warren started the first post of what would become one of the most popular blogs on the Internet. Warren’s blog, called Postsecret, offers no investing advice, how-to instructions, or news on the latest trends. Furthermore, the design of the site is very simple; a black background, with very few words, and about 20 pictures at a time.

    So what is it that makes this blog so popular?

  • Our Just Desserts

    I guess we all develop weird habits over the years, some of which are completely oblivious to us until pointed out by another person. Some are avid gum chewers and incessantly blow and pop small bubbles with it. Others use certain words repeatedly in conversation without realizing it or have a tendency to reiterate the last phrase of a sentence...of a sentence.

  • Prayer

    Elusive. That one word succinctly describes, for many, their experience regarding the attainment of an effective prayer life. Many legitimate theories explain the root cause behind weak prayer habits. They run the gamut from spiritual warfare, with Satan throwing various roadblocks up, thus foiling the effects of prayer, to un-repented sin, to overly busy lifestyles –– and on it goes. All of these represent valid explanations concerning ineffective prayer. However, I believe the answer to this problem can be refined down to one fundamental concept: Relationship.

  • Prayer Zone Partners

    A man started to pray for God to raise up students at the local high school to reach the campus for God. Three students stepped to the front. This school had never had a Bible Club on it before. In the first three weeks, three different students stepped into the meeting and received Christ as their personal Savior – three teenagers that had never gone to church in their life. This past school year, the club sponsored a school assembly. During a follow-up evening rally, over 200 students responded to Christ. It all started because of the prayers of a man.

  • The Adventures of Faith Man

    Batman and Bruce Wayne - The Incredible Hulk and Dr. Bruce Banner - and lately, Iron Man and Tony Stark. Two definitive sides of the same person. The one can do battle with the forces of evil and come out on top every time. The other, without the benefit of their superhuman powers, would be just another victim on the villain's path to world domination.

  • Definition of Prayer

    I heard what may be the best definition of prayer during a missions trip to Central America last year.

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