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Faith: Giving

  • You Won't Let My People Give!

    There he went into a cave and spent the night. And the word of the LORD came to him.  1 Kings 19:9 (NIV)

  • I Always Have Something

    It was a tough time in my life, no question about it. About five years ago, I was at a professional crossroad.  After 11 successful years as a youth pastor, I had moved to another city to try my hand as the Executive Director of a non-profit corporation.  Unfortunately, I was unable to bring the turnaround that the leadership of the organization hoped for.

  • The Eternal 401k Plan

    Walking out of the church I encountered a woman whom I had never met. Immediately she began to ask me questions about the church. Serving as one of the Pastors at the time, I was excited at this chance meeting as another individual expressed interest in our church. Then, out of nowhere, came the pointed question; “Does your church preach on tithing?”

  • The Heart of Giving

    While motivations and amounts of giving differ greatly with each believer, giving opportunities and patterns can generally be recognized by the three R’s –– required, responsive and revelation.

  • Generosity Redefined

    I'm the kind of guy who likes to pick up the check. That's not an attempt to brag; it's just my nature. Ask anyof the people in my life, and they'll tell you as much. It's something I enjoy doing for the people I love.

  • Who Wants to be a Man Who'll Share?

    I am a lifelong fan of game shows. Before the dawn of video games and rampant court shows on television, much of daytime programming was spent in the trade of answering questions and awarding "fabulous gifts and prizes".

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