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Faith: Devotion

  • The MANtle of Leadership

    I have heard the expression “He carried the mantle of leadership well” my whole life.  Privately, I’ve always wondered, “What is a mantle exactly?”

  • GPS

    GPS. Those three letters have changed the way we travel. Global Positioning Satellite, the little boxes we have on our car that tell us where to go and which road to take as we drive to new places and new areas, have helped men avoid the one thing they hate doing most, asking for directions.


  • Vigorously

    As I mentioned in my last article, Pietism was a part of Christian history that I had never studied and that I needed to correct that oversight. The most important part of studying Christian history is that we learn what we can apply to our present walks with Christ.


  • Have You Forgotten Your First Love

    It has been refreshing to spend time with this man. Everything about Christianity is exciting and new to him. The more time you spend with such a person, the more you want to be around them. It reminds of you of when you first got saved and makes you hunger for the same excitement.

  • Can't Leave it Behind

    There are things in life that you can't leave behind. You can't travel overseas without a passport. There are good reasons for this.

  • Finding Freedom

    In today's society, it is easy for men to be held captive by something in their lives: anger, pornography, etc. Deep inside, these men love God and want to serve Him, yet these sins and oppressions keep them held captive to sin, making them feel helpless and hopeless to change.

  • What Does God Require?

    Stating what Christians believe can be very easy. We believe in the one and only God, who had a Son that came to earth in a human body to die and rise again for our sins. After He returned to Heaven, He sent the Spirit to aid us.

  • Restoration for the Broken Life

    Fear of failure is a huge issue for most men. When things go south in a hurry, men instantly give themselves the label "failure". Along with this label is the feeling that God could never use them. However, this is not true! God can take any failure and turn it into something useful for His kingdom.

  • A Call To Wisdom

    One of the most avoided portions of the Bible is the wisdom literature of the Old Testament. These books: Job, Proverbs, Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes, don't contain gripping narratives like the historical books. They don't have prophets telling the future and condemning sinners.

  • $4M Oxford Study Asks Why People Believe in God

    Researchers at the University of Oxford will spend USD$3.7 million investigating why people believe in God. Academics have been given a grant to try to find out whether belief in a deity is a matter of nature or nurture. They will not attempt to solve the question of whether God exists but they will examine evidence to try to prove whether belief in God conferred an evolutionary advantage to mankind.

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