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Whether you got game or not, we know you’re a fan. It’s inevitable. Sixty minutes of hard-hitting, intense action, screaming at the TV, yelling for another soft drink from the fridge – it’s football! And it’s time for your team to bring it.

And if your team is going to bring it, you better be ready to face what’s coming. Particularly once you hit the red zone. Third and goal, and you take off in the opposite direction from the strategy – you’ll quickly realize what goes through themind of a deer as it looks up at an 18-wheeler out in the open freeway.

HonorBound Red Zone is about building camaraderie with guys that love football and downing enough food to cause the local grocery to restock its shelves. It’s about going on this journey called life and knowing the game plan on how to win.

All sports fans know there are boundaries and rules to every game. These boundaries and rules provide an opportunity to win the game.

On the gridiron, yard markers on a 100-yard field show the distance to the end zone. The field is outlined with white chalk to clearly show what’s out of bounds. Ifa player chooses to take the ball, run out of bounds, and charge into the stands, a whistle will be blown and the play stops – the player/team is ineligible to progress further. Failing to abide by the rules of the game leads to disqualification.

These boundaries aren’t set up to keep us from having fun or succeeding. It’s the exact opposite. They’re in place so we can win. Life has its own boundaries and rules. Some apply to work, others to lifestyle, and still others to our beliefs and actions.

The Bible gives us boundaries for this game called life and if followed, we win. The Bible promises a great reward to those who finish the game. However, it also tells us that we must play this game in such a way that “we do not disqualify ourselves.” Choosing to ignore the rules of the game keeps us from winning and ultimately leads us to death.

Resources to help you win in the 'red zone':