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Lessons Learned from Steve Jobs

I'll admit: I'm a big Apple fan. The first computer I bought with my own money was a Mac Classic, purchased in 1992 through my college bookstore. Since then I have owned only Mac laptops (my first, purchased in 1994, had a tracking-ball instead of a finger pad mouse). I love my iPad and iPhone-which I was on the other night when I first read about Steve Jobs' death.

But it is not my love for technology or gadgets that makes me mourn the passing of Steve Jobs. It's his attitudes about creativity and risk-taking, life and death.

Although Steve Jobs' spiritual life was not explicitly Christian, and his best-known quotes are not religious in nature, I found myself last night, again and again, reading his words from a spiritual perspective. I was inspired to write a post about what Christians can learn from Steve Jobs, but I worried it would be seen as sacrilege from both sides-from Christians who think Jobs was only about expensive gadgets and capitalism, and from technology geeks who see any hint of spirituality as a fluffy distraction from their idol's pure genius.

But then I saw this Washington Post blog-"The Theology of Steve Jobs"-which includes this quote:

"Steve Jobs was, without doubt, a technological genius, but he was also, in my view, a profound theologian because he understood the human condition as lived between desire and finitude. Together these define us, for good and for ill."

For full article, click here.


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