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The 6 Habits of World-Changers

If a man or woman had an idea and brought it to life in a way that revolutionized an industry, we would consider them a tycoon. If that same individual did their business for the betterment of others with the motivation to begin a legacy of helping others beyond their own lifetime, we would consider them a humanitarian. If that legacy was for Jesus, we would consider them godly entrepreneurs we can all look up to.

The entrepreneur that encapsulates this kind of legacy is Paul—and here are the six habits that led to his success.

1. Recognize that no job is too lowly

Paul’s entire ministry life was entrepreneurial. He had to raise capital, which often meant doing the regular, lowly job of tent-making (Acts 18:3). He even goes so far as to raise additional capital for others when needed (Rom. 15:25–27). Training others was a regular part of Paul’s routine (see 1 Timothy and Titus). And while Paul’s primary mission was to proclaim Christ to the Gentiles, he considered no job beneath him—not tent-making, not sorting through the squabbles of believers in community (2 Cor .2:5–11).

Great leaders are never afraid to give of themselves first.

2. Work hard—despite the results you can’t control

Right after Paul’s conversion, he embraces the Holy Spirit’s role in his life (Acts 9:19–22). Unashamed of its work and boasting in what God has done for him (Rom 5:1–5; Phil 2:14–18), he went about the work of continuing Jesus’ ministry. He openly told others to embrace spiritual gifts and the Spirit’s leading, and poured his life efforts into expanding the Church.



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