Seek deeper commitment and lead the next generation in the fullness of Christ.

What We Believe

(17 lessons)

This study examines the Assemblies of God 16 Statements of Fundamental Truths. These lessons will provide a man with solid biblical foundation. These lessons have been designed using the articles found in the FireBible.


(4 lessons)

There are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual boundaries. God provides boundaries for us in His commandments, and we have convictions to protect us. This series will help establish boundaries in four crucial areas of our lives that will help establish a legacy in your home.


(4 lessons)

We need men who are courageous. The standard of the day is to simply accept everything in the name of tolerance. This series helps you have the courage needed in today's world.

Courage: 2018 Theme

(5 lessons)

Your relationships with your spouse, children, and grandchildren will undergo a dramatic transformation. In this series, you will learn some important relationship principles that will alter the destiny of your life and home. It will take courage to love your family, do what you need to do, and say what you need to say.

Courage: 2018 theme - Valentía: Tema 2018

(5 lessons)

Sus relaciones con su cónyuge, hijos y nietos experimentarán una transformación dramática. En esta serie, aprenderá algunos principios importantes de relación que alterarán el destino de su vida y su hogar. Se necesitará valentía para amar a su familia, hacer lo que debe hacer y decir lo que necesita decir.

Curing Financial Depression

(3 lessons)

Finances is a topic that causes strain in many facets of our lives. If men are going to leave a legacy and follow their vision, they must not allow finances to be their master. in this series, you will discover how to develop a healthy financial habit.

How Dreams Come True

(2 lessons)

In this series, you will discover how Joseph took responsibility for his life in every situation. You will learn how to overcome every situation and leave a resounding legacy.

Five Excuses of Moses

(4 lessons)

The Bible teaches us that men are called to walk a life of obedience to God. However, we have excuses we use to keep us from this. This series helps you put to rest any excuse you would use to not follow God's direction.

Fruit of Failure

(4 lessons)

Failure is no different than any other subject. As men, we have our thoughts about temptation and failure, but what you think is not necessarily true. We need to fight temptation and failure correctly. From God's Word, we can learn how to fight and win over failure and temptation. This series shows you how.


(5 lessons)

In this series, two questions are addressed. What is your giant and what is keeping you from destroying your giant? Designed to help you confront and overcome the biggest challenges of your life, this series will help you achieve victory over your giant.

How to Find God's Abundance

(3 lessons)

God has plans to improve your life. His plans include a desire to increase your sensitivity to His presence and power. This series will help men focus on what God's Word declares about abundance and more - not just for now but also for the future.

Passing the Baton

(5 lessons)

There is an importance for dads to transfer their knowledge to the next generation. If the transfer is not done well, the result is confusion in the race of life. This series helps men develop a strategy to pass on what matters in values and convictions.


(3 lessons)

Life can feel like you are riding the wave of blessing and the next moment, you are in a calm, lull experience of no blessing. There are times in the life of a believer when your routine is out of whack due to life experiences or a lack of discipline. The result is that your relationship with God slumps. This three part series will help you surge into a new place in God.

Tag! You're It

(4 lessons)

The culture of America has changed. If the church is going to engage and reach the lost, the church must change the way we represent Christ in the way He appeared after the cross. This series helps men get a snapshot of the culture we live in currently. It also helps men to be sure of the power of God in their own lives to persuade the lost of God's Sovereignty.

Tag! You're it - Juego de la pillada

(4 lessons)

La cultura de Estados Unidos ha cambiado. Si la iglesia se va a involucrar y alcanzar a los perdidos, la iglesia debe cambiar la manera en que representamos a Cristo en la forma en que apareció después de la cruz. Esta serie ayuda a los hombres a obtener una instantánea de la cultura en la que vivimos actualmente. También ayuda a los hombres a estar seguros del poder de Dios en sus propias vidas para persuadir a los perdidos de la Soberanía de Dios.

The Big House

(4 lessons)

The Church has come to represent many things over the years. In this series, we address what the church is not and what the church is. What does the church mean? What is your place in the church? What does God want to do in the church, and what is our role? This series will help men discover how they can make a difference in their local church.

Where is He Leading You?

(4 lessons)

The greatest single tool to change our generation is a well articulated and understood vision. This series helps you understand that a vision needs to be bold and uncompromising. It must look to the future, but not forget the past, or overlook the present.

Where is He Leading You? - ¿Adónde lo guía Dios?

(4 lessons)

La mejor herramienta para cambiar nuestra generación es una visión bien articulada y comprendida. Esta serie lo ayuda a comprender que una visión debe ser audaz e intransigente. Debe mirar hacia el futuro, pero no olvidar el pasado, o pasar por alto el presente.