Courageously fulfill your place in serving the Lord.

A Sure Foundation

(7 lessons)

There is a culture war in America. The battleground is the home and the issue is truth. This series helps men to establish a sure foundation so they can lead their families to face an uncertain future with confidence.

Demands of Discipleship

(11 lessons)

The Bible teaches us that being called to a life of faith requires more than just the acceptance of Christ as our Savior. As men, we are called to live a life of action. This series helps a man experience transformation in their life.

Get into the Game

(3 lessons)

God has provided everything necessary to meet all the needs of our community. God has placed all the resources and gifts in order to accomplish this goal within the body of Christ. God does not want our spiritual gift to go unused. In this series, you will discover how to activate the gifts and resources to meet the needs around us.


(5 lessons)

In this series, two questions are addressed. What is your giant, and what is keeping you from destroying your giant? Designed to help you confront and overcoming the biggest challenges of your life, this series will help you achieve victory over your giant.

God, Can I Ask You a Question?

(3 lessons)

We really want to know our future and develop avenues in our attempt to find the plan for our life. It's okay to ask God questions. He's a big God. He can handle it. He has thoughtfully provided us with the answers to most of our questions. This series will give you insights from God's Word that will provide you with an overview of how to handle the questions you have about your life.

New Me

(6 lessons)

We all like to have those "do overs" in our life. In this series, you can learn how to being fresh and follow God's plan for your life.


(3 lessons)

In real life, shipwrecks result in death, destruction, and pain. This series is designed to equip you to avoid shipwrecks that are your fault and survive shipwrecks that aren't your fault.

Stumbling Blocks

(4 lessons)

God calls believers to be different than the world. In this series you will discover the importance to remove the stumbling blocks that keep you from representing Him to a world that desperately needs Him.

The Big House

(5 lessons)

The Church has come to represent many things over the years. In this series, we address what the church is not and what the church is. What does the church mean? What is your place in the church? What does God want to do in the church, and what is our role. This series will help men discover who they can make a difference in their local church.

X Factor

(7 lessons)

The greatest need in our world today is to learn how to please God and honor Him. This series addresses the boundaries God has given to us for abundant life. With this, we can understand the heart and directives of God, and we do life as He declares.